Space capital as attractivity of places

683px-Ru%C3%9Fkugel-berlin[1]It´s an atmosphere, the purity of the air, the kindness of the inhabitant, the beauty of the landscape, but also the quality and the diversity of the services, the good connection with some other places, the price of the real estate market, the level of economic activity or the good job market situation or the reputation, the image of the place … All this is part of the space capital as potentiality of a place or a territory. (There are other definitions of space capital such as an individual or social definition of space capital proposed by Jacques Lévy. I will expose it another time)

An example of activated space capital in communication campaign:

Vaud: You Will Not Want To Leave

 Vaud, a Swiss Canton will not be underestimated. Its total population is 713, 281 and it is located in Romandy. Vaud is a French speaking Canton and its capital is Lausanne. Vaud is Lake Geneva Region which is why it is so popular. It is so popular that famous names like Charlie Chaplin and David Bowie settled here. After visiting the place, they easily fell in love with it and decided to leave here. There is no question that Vaud or the Lake Geneva Region is attractive with its panoramic views of the Alps.

In the summer, you can see sloping vineyards bordering the shores of Lake Geneva. The capital, Lausanne is just across the Alpine peaks, which gives you full views of the beautiful mountain. There are lively towns and small villages that specialize in wine growing. In Vaud, there is an equal sense of reality and dreaminess. Reality is showcased by the little farm villages working in the wheat fields while dreaminess is showcased by the medieval towns where castles are highlighted. The Jura Mountains is always worth the visit. It has lush pastures, glaciers and ledges where you can enjoy sporting adventures.

In the winter, there are plenty of activities to do in the Lake Geneva Region. For one, you can go downhill skiing on Alpine glaciers in Vaud. Another thing to do is go snowshoeing or cross-country skiing on the Jura range of mountains. There are 500km of downhill runs in Vaud. If you have developed an appetite after these activities, there are plenty of sophisticated dining options in Vaud. The city life makes for a pleasurable experience. In addition, the cultural life and shopping life in Lausanne is something to be enjoyed too. You can visit Vevey-Montreux, Rolle, Morges and Nyon for outstanding shopping stores. Other highlights of your winter vacation in Vaud are hot-air balloon rides and the igloo adventures.




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