Multilocal housing: an article in Quetelet Journal

Revue Quetelet Vol 1, n° 1, avril 2013Access to the article “Multilocal housing” here (QUETELET JOURNAL Vol. 1, n° 1, avril 2013, pp. 63-89)


Multilocal dwelling as both local anchoring practices and circularities between dispersed living places rushes the usual double territorial container paradigm: the container of territorial administrative management and the container matching each person in one household in one housing together. Multilocal dwelling is a set of mobile-settled hybrid ways of life (living apart together; commuting children between separated parents, etc.) which are partly emerging and constitute a new field of research. To get a clearer picture of this new field the authors propose first of all a conceptual path through housing, multilocal practitioners and practices as close as possible to the existing quantitative Swiss surveys. Then they analyze the available data on formal bi-residentiality and what they provide to better under- stand the whole multilocal dwelling phenomenon. In light of these first results mul- tilocal dwelling practices in Switzerland are significant and social structural coined but require to be demographically and sociologically better studied even beyond the current controversy about the overflow of second homes in the tourist areas. The authors suggest some implementing ideas from reflections linked to the re- search project «Multilocal dwelling in Switzerland».


Multilocal dwelling, multi-residentiality, second homes, Switzerland, Residential multilocality studies.

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