The “Swiss Mobile House”: a creative and lasting showcase to promote Switzerland abroad (

SwissMobileHouse_outsideNot just a simple house. A metonymy house which moves and represents a country.

“This simple and honest wooden construction epitomises an ambitious modesty that is true to our country’s values” says Nicolas Bideau.”

“Bern, 07.11.2013 – As part of its mission to promote the image of Switzerland abroad, the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs unit Presence Switzerland has developed the concept of a “Swiss Mobile House”. The mobile house aims to have a lasting impact and represent Switzerland’s interests at major international events in the long term. Switzerland’s solid tradition in architecture and design will allow Presence Switzerland and its partners to promote Swiss entrepreneurs, athletes, scientists and artists in a creative way throughout the world. Developed by the architects of Spillmann Echsle and built entirely in Switzerland, the house will be used for the first time at the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi in February 2014.”

(from Nicolas Bideau, Head of Presence Switzerland, Information Federal Department of Foreign Affairs, Bundeshaus West, CH-3003 Bern)

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