Article: Inclusions and Self-Positionings. Coping Strategies within the Context of Transnational Labour Migration

Itinera1SeiteSince the mid-1990s scholars of migration debate the emergence of transnational lifeworlds as products of labour migration. Concepts such as transnational social fields, cosmopolitanism or ethnoscapes hold a central position in this debate. However, the question of the migrants’ self-positioning in transnational contexts has thus far not received much attention. This article presents the findings from a field study in the Romanian village of Apold which raises the question of self-positioning using social network analysis and qualitative research interview. They show an intriguing incongruity between factual transnationalization of migrants’ lifeworlds and imagined positionings that cannot least be explained by specific living conditions evolving in the context of labour migration.

Abstract of the chapter of :

Annemarie Matthies: Einbindungen und Selbstpositionierungen. Bewältigungsstrategien im Kontext transnationaler Arbeitsmigration [Inclusions and Self-Positionings. Coping Strategies within the Context of Transnational Labour Migration]


Duchêne-Lacroix, Cédric, and Pascal Mäder, eds. Hier und Dort: Ressourcen und Verwundbarkeiten in multilokalen Lebenswelten. 34 Itinera. Basel: Société Suisse d’histoire, 2013.

Schwabe Verlag:[begin_at]=16&cHash=0fab3a64d086b74f6c8ab5f911166021

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