The long-distance relationship guide to Valentine’s Day | USA TODAY College

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Valentine’s Day is coming. How celebrate this event if you are in a long-distance relationship. In USA Today Clarissa Wei gives some Valentine’s Day tips from experts and long-distance relationship veterans. Do you agree with them?

1. Postpone the romance

“This year we’ve decided not to celebrate it since we’ve never actually been physically together on the holiday. So we decided to skip the hype and make our own Valentine’s Day to be celebrated when he comes back to the States,” Shei said.

2. Give 14 miniature gifts

“This is for those who don’t have a lot of money to spare,” Coleman said. “I can go to the dollar store. I can buy 14 individual dollar gifts. Wrap each individual gift and wrap those boxes in a large box. She’s opening 14 gifts. One for every day.”

3. Eat dinner together

“Arrange a date on the phone and have a dinner together,” Derman said. “He’s eating at the same time you are. You’ve transcended the distance.”

4. Spend all night talking

“I think the biggest frustration with us is just the money,” Stephanie Anderson, a junior at Missouri State University said. “You’re so stressed with money during school. You’re trying to take loans and not spend a whole lot. I’d rather talk all night than pay a lot of money.”

Anderson has been dating her boyfriend, Keven Chambers, who attends Malone University in Canton, Ohio since she was a sophomore in high school. They’ve been apart for three years.

“We really only see each other during Christmas break and the summers,” she said. “It kind of sucks because you see all these advertisements for the day and restaurant specials.”

5. Make a virtual scrapbook

“Both people take pictures of what they do throughout the day and put them into a virtual scrapbook to share with each other,” Jessie Chen, a junior at the University of California – Berkeley said. “It’ll be like they spent the whole day together.”

Chen has been in a long-distance relationship with her boyfriend, Matt Lam from Northwestern University for over three years.

6. Watch a movie together

“Skype is an amazing invention for the long-distance relationship,” said Misha Scott, a junior at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles. Scott’s boyfriend of five years, Jake Tresham, is currently working at a mining company out of Nevada. They’ve been apart for three years.

“I am always amazed at how he finds ways to melt my heart from a thousand miles away. When I studied abroad in Germany this year, I came home one day to find a bouquet of flowers on my desk along with a note that said ‘I love you forever and always – you are my everything.’ He actually sent me flowers from another continent!” she said.”

Source: The long-distance relationship guide to Valentine’s Day | USA TODAY College.

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