Are you considering “living apart together” for your retirement years?

LAT as retirement lifestyle: a blogpost by Dee Cascio

Retirement Lifestyle Strategies

As I work with couples who are in the pre-retirement life transition, many have no idea what their spouse is thinking, longing for, or dreaming about when it comes to their retirement lifestyle and where to retire. Some have such diverse interests, they are actually considering living apart together, which means living in different places for periods of time, or maybe indefinitely, while remaining in a relationship.

At this life stage, there are no buffers or distractions, because the children are gone, spouses aren’t climbing the corporate ladder, and most of us have come to a place of accepting ourselves and the life we’ve created. After spending all these years together and working out other challenges, living apart together has the potential to threaten your marriage and actually cause divorce. Having these important conversations before retirement about topics that will affect the rest of your lives will prevent a lot…

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