Workshop: The concept of usual residence: has it reached its sell-by date?

A unusal residence:   

London School of Economics, London, the 24. October 2014

The main question to be addressed is: ‘Is the concept of ‘usual residence’ reaching its sell-by date?’ Now that the Government has confirmed that a further Population Census will take place in 2021, it is an opportune time to consider how far the use of alternative population bases should be expanded at the expense of statistics based on usual residence.

The meeting is proposed primarily as a scoping exercise. Speakers will introduce the issues, present the results of work on the 2011 census data on alternative population bases and report on the latest thinking at the UN for the 2020 round of censuses. The meeting also provides a forum for representatives of a variety of sectors to express their views on the relative value of the alternatives in the light of societal change. Already on board are Richard Potter, ONS, Ian White, Ludi Simpson and Tony Champion.

Morning session (11.00-13.00)

Chair – Tony Champion (Newcastle University) 

Usual residence – time to move on? By Richard Potter (Cambridge Analytics)

To be or not to be (usually resident)? A discussion of the international recommendations on usual residence for the 2020/2021 round of censuses. By Ian White (formerly of ONS, now with UN Economic Commission for Europe)

Alternative populations in the 2011 Census and beyond. By Claire Pereira (Census 2011, ONS) and Ann Blake (Beyond 2011, ONS)

13.00 Lunch (not provided – BYO or use facilities in or around LSE)

Afternoon session (14.00-15.00)

Chair – Richard Potter (Cambridge Analytics)

Multi-local living arrangements in Switzerland. By Cédric Duchene-Lacroix (Basel University)

Too mobile to have a usual residence? By Tony Champion (Newcastle University)

15.00 Tea/coffee (provided)

Final session (15.30-17.00)

Chair – Tony Champion (Newcastle University)

Is the usual residence the best option for the ‘home’ base for flow datasets? By Mike Coombes (Newcastle University)

Invited views from Ludi Simpson (Manchester University), Mark Fransham (Oxford City Council), Richard Cameron (GLA), Ewan Kennedy (from the Home Office),  and Southwark LB

Panel session and close.

Programme for BSPS day meeting on usual residence and alternative population bases

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