Conf: Multilocality in the Global South and North, a Post

IMG_1954_A Post of Kayly Ober about our international conference in Dortmund.

<< On 18-19 September 2014, the Technical University of Dortmund held a conference on “Multilocality in the Global South and North: Factors, features and policy implications.”

The name of the conference, although broad, has very real implications for our work at TransRe. In fact, Luise and Kayly presented on a panel about the spatial impacts of multilocality, using our project’s preliminary research as fodder for discussion.

First things first, what’s multilocality? It’s certainly related to our project concept of translocality.

In short, translocality asks for the connecting elements of migration (how are links produced between places and people, which connects and transforms them?). Whereas multilocality tends to separate places from each other (here and there) and suggests that multiple places exist in parallel to each other, without explicitly emphasizing the connecting practices in between, but instead focusing on the material implications of human mobility (such as environmental impacts of multilocality, infrastructural needs, etc). (…) >>

The rest of the Post at this adress: TransRE

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