Journal “Mobile Culture Studies”: The Sea Voyage – Die Schiffsreise

The Sea Voyage – Die Schiffsreise

In the first Volume of “Mobile Culture Studies. The Journal” recent research on Jewish migration meets ethnographic and anthropological research on mobility. The common denominator is the sea voyage, the common interest lies in the cultural practices of „people aboard ships“. The common aim is the search for useful and contemporary theoretical and methodological approaches, that guide the study of a wide variety of individual experiences and a large number of relevant sources.

The sources range from 19th century diaries written by female transatlantic travellers to contemporary interviews with „liveaboards“ on the Mediterranean Sea. They include the travel notes of eminent anthropologists and documents relating to the current catastrophic situation of refugees.

The contributions bring into a dialogue van Gennep’s „Rites de Passage“ and Foucault’s „heterotopia“, Turner’s „liminality“ and the new „(Jewish) Maritime Studies“, in a joint effort to understand how individuals and groups, in different temporal and geographical settings, experienced their sea voyages as a turning point in their lives and as an opportunity to reflect, to write or to talk about the meaning of these experiences between here and there, between past and future.

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