CfP: Workshop: Mobile and multilocal practices: undermining social cohesion and the common good?

Call for Papers: Workshop: Mobile and multilocal practices: undermining social cohesion and the common good?

Congress of the Swiss Sociological Association 2017 at Zurich

Stable, territorially defined socio-political communities like urban quarters, cities, regions or national states are traditionally seen as the precondition for developing relations of trust resulting in social integration, cohesion and engagement. On this token, Putnam (2000) stated at the turn of the century a decline of social capital caused by increasing mobilities, within which he saw disengagements and withdrawal from communities.

An opposite perspective, the “mobilities paradigm”, proclaimed about 10 years ago, (Hannam et al. 2006; Sheller, Urry 2006) understands movement and travel as the foundation of social relations. Yet, what is necessary, is a shift in focus from territorially sedentary social communities to more processual and fluid forms of socialities, engagement and related concepts of the common good. Examples can be seen in phenomena like border crossing migration and refugee movements, trans-national social movements, trans-local communication networks, travel, multilocal living arrangements and everyday practices of maintaining geographically far-flung social networks of family, friendships and relations.

The Workshop aims at shedding light on the mutual interrelations of movement, social integration, the common good, self-interest and dis-engagement by bringing together empirical and theoretical analysis on this topic. In particular, we are interested in studies working on these issues against different theoretical background applying different research methods. Our workshop intends to mirror the rich field of social scientific mobilities and multilocalities’ research, which understands movement and dwelling as element of the social and its formation. Thus we invite contributions which touch on the following (and related) issues:

  • Mobilities, travel, multilocality and tourism as elements of social embedding and withdrawal
  • Infrastructures of mobilities and transportation and social networks
  • Mobilities as a force or dimension of social inequality and exclusion
  • Methods for mobilities research, mobile methods and post-human methods of mobilities research
  • ….

We explicitly invite contributions in French, German and English.

Please submit abstracts (500 words) before the 21 February 2017 to both workshop organisers by email:

Dr. Cédric Duchene-Lacroix, Department of the Sciences of Society, University of Basel, Switzerland,

PD Dr. Katharina Manderscheid, Department of Sociology, University of Lucerne, Switzerland,

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