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Article: Mapping the social space of transnational migrants on the basis of their (supra)national belongings: the case of French citizens in Berlin

In traditional migration theory, social self-identification is usually linked with the process and quality of integration and with the nationality of the countries of ‘origin’ and of residence. But in the context of a supranational integrated area like the European … Continue reading

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Conf: After the Dortmunder conference on multilocality, an article of Lea Ferno

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<<Households are called “multilocal” when their members live in different places. In countries as far apart as China, South Africa and Moldova, many people work and stay in places that they do not consider their home. In 2012, according to … Continue reading

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“I’m back”

Dear readers, in such a Blog like “multilocality” the best way to say “I’m back” after a fair amount of time is may be to deal in the first post with the issue of return or comeback itself. The return … Continue reading

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Article: To be Here to Live Better There: Economic Strategies and the Food and Nutrition Vulnerabilities of Hanoi´s Floating Population

This paper focuses on the everyday practices of the floating population in Hanoi, Vietnam, and analyses how this population builds its livelihoods between «here», the city, and «there», the countryside. Starting from the food practices, which reflect the daily constraints … Continue reading

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Article: Multilocality in Personal and Family Histories: Transnational Families between Cuba and Germany in the Context of Social Change

In the context of economic crisis,the devaluation of the Cuban pesos and privatization, migration and transnational households emerge as new survival strategies. Twenty percent of the Cuban population lives abroad. Those who stay in Cuba receive remittances and are thus … Continue reading

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How to maintain a long distance relationship – FemaleFirst.co.uk

See on Scoop.it – Multilocality – Territoriality How to maintain a long distance relationship FemaleFirst.co.uk How to maintain a long distance relationship. by Lucy Walton | 2 December 2013. Phone sex! See on http://www.femalefirst.co.uk

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Article: Multilocal Retiree Migrants: Motivations and Strategies of German Senior Citizens in Spain Between Individuality and Collectivity

An increasing number of German senior citizens have a second residence in Spain. This paper explores the underlying motivations and strategies based on field research in Andalusia, semi-structured interviews and the content analysis of local German-language newspapers. German senior citizens … Continue reading

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Article: Inclusions and Self-Positionings. Coping Strategies within the Context of Transnational Labour Migration

Since the mid-1990s scholars of migration debate the emergence of transnational lifeworlds as products of labour migration. Concepts such as transnational social fields, cosmopolitanism or ethnoscapes hold a central position in this debate. However, the question of the migrants’ self-positioning … Continue reading

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He leaves to return. A new film about remigration: Aquí y allá – Antonio Mendez Esparza

<<“AQUÍ”: Pedro returns home to a small mountain village in Guerrero, Mexico after years of working in the US. He finds his daughters older, and more distant than he imagined. His wife still has the same smile. Having saved some … Continue reading

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